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awww he did so good. I think you went to where we did with Sami & Zach. Is it off 3chopt?

What have you been told about when they should have their first visit? Talon looks like he might be getting some tartar on the inside of his bottom front teeth, but I don't think he's old enough to behave as well as Conner did!

Carrie--yep, that's the place! :-)

Sara--My pediatrician said between 2.5 and 3 years old is a good time. The pediatric dentist said around 3 is good. So I settled on 2 years, 8 months. lol

I'd call and bring him in just to be checked. The first visit is pretty much to aquaint them with everythign and with the noises. And then they'll clean if the kid is doing ok. I'm sure they won't force it and traumatize him!

OMG He's so stinkin adorable!!! SO big too!!! I love you guys :D

What a very tough kid! He's a great example for kids since he isn't afraid of the dentist. At an early age its good to know that he's putting his trust to his dentist in having good oral care.

What a cute little boy! It's not all the time that kids enjoy their visit to the dentist. It's good to know that you have given him proper information and have prepared him on his dental examination. Keep it up!

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