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So someone told me to just put a black sheet or something behind dd and take pics with the light behind this what you do?

Actually, I use a black vellux blanket for the background and bounce the light off the ceiling.


I know Kit from work. We've been swapping baby pics, as I have a 3 month old son. I'm so sorry that Conner has been sick. I'm not looking forward to Talon's first illness. I hope that Kit is recovering from his surgery well, too.

I wouldn't worry about trying anything new while Conner is sick, but have you ever read "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" or the toddler version by the same author? My coworker (who has a 2 year old) and I have both read the Baby Whisperer, and she's now read the Toddler Whisperer. They address sleep issues and how to create good habits and break bad ones. It's nice to learn that you don't have to let him cry it out in order for him to learn how to put himself back to sleep.

Sorry for the unsolicited advice, but Baby Whisperer was so eye-opening for me that I share it every chance I get.

Hope things settle down soon for you!

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