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Those pictures are precious. I know how you feel my DS just turned 2 and I still cant believe it.

Happy half birthday, Conner! Tell your Mommy that on half birthdays, you get half a toy (you have to pay for half, they pay for the other half) and cupcakes! We love to celebrate half birthdays at our house.

Gosh... seems like I just remember you posting on SNC all throughout your pregnancy!! Amazing! Enjoy!!!

he is soooo cute!!!

Wow, he is getting huge! I can't believe he is 6 mos already!

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  • I started this blog back when I first became pregnant with Conner. I used it solely to record my pregnancy. Then it turned into the record-baby's-first-year-of-everythings blog. Then it pretty much just became and is the all-encompassing family blog. And it's been fun to see the gradual change from one to the other.


  • Go Rams!