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You'll be fine!!! You might even surprise yourself about how easily it all comes to you. You are a mother and you will be able to handle it. People always adapt to the situations that they are put into and you are no different. Weren't you scared when you and your husband first brought Connor home from the hospital, and look how well everything's turned out! The same will happen when he goes back to work! You will be fine, I'll be praying that you will be calm and comforted for the next couple of weeks. Good Luck!!

Get a sling! I never wore my babies (I just carried them a lot, and we were fine with that, or wore them in a front carrier) but those slings look awesome!

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  • I started this blog back when I first became pregnant with Conner. I used it solely to record my pregnancy. Then it turned into the record-baby's-first-year-of-everythings blog. Then it pretty much just became and is the all-encompassing family blog. And it's been fun to see the gradual change from one to the other.


  • Go Rams!