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I know how that is. We have been in our new house for two years, and our girls still want us to move back to our old house. Never mind that we have about twice as much room in this house. Our old house was split into two seperate appartments, the top one we rented out. We decided to move because we didn't want our kids to go to that school system and we couldn't afford private school.

But the whole house had almost been done over. We had just done the landscaping in the front and back yard. I had Asain Lililies (Oh they smelled great) right under our bedroom window, Wisteria, Clamatis, I loved to be in the back yard in the morning drinking my coffee listening to the birds.

The owners of our house now were an older couple been here for years, but only did things as emergencies came up. And the last time any decorating had been done was in the 80's. So re-doing the house is slow but sure.

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